Experiential learning in leadership.

The rhea.framework offers conceptual guidelines for continual self-directed and interpersonal team leadership reflection to support experiential learning of persons holding leadership functions within a team. The rhea.framework is released as an open educational resource.

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Haselberger, D. (2020). Supporting Experiential Learning through Exploring Central Topics in ICT Project Team Leadership-The rhea. framework Knowledge Base. In Proceedings of the 27th Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs (pp. 1-13). Link to paper

Haselberger, D. (2019). The person principle in the unified process - a design science research study on supporting performance-related leadership interaction in ICT project teams. Doctoral dissertation. University of Vienna, Austria. Link to book

Haselberger, D., & Motschnig, R. (2018). Computer Science students experience of reflecting on Team Leadership-A case study of a student-centered course on communication. In 2018 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE) (pp. 1-9). IEEE. Link to proceedings download

Testimonials from industry:
Some modules of the rhea.framework were applied in a zero-outage industry standard certification training (2021). Read the report here

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The rhea.framework support-app is a web-based python/bootstrap application linking to a neo4j database and using spacy natural language processing. The sourcecode can be downloaded from Github

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